Tamara Fluegel

Scheduling Assistant

Tamara is a native Texan and grew up in Lewisville, TX.  She holds an Associate’s Degree in Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs.  She is a loving wife and mother to three beautiful children: two boys and one precious girl: Austin, Cole, and Delaney. 

Tamara joined the team because she wanted to work with a company that has core values of integrity and client satisfaction.  Her favorite part of working at Strittmatter Wealth has been developing and deepening relationships within the team and interacting with clients.  She attributes her success to her dependability and work ethic.

One of her core values is self-development.  She is constantly striving to learn new things every day, focus on health, and developing herself within her career. 

You can find Tamara in her spare time reading to her children, going to family functions, exercising, or enjoying the outdoors.  She enjoys running which allows her the time to get outside and gives her an opportunity to create personal and professional goals.  She typically runs 3 to 5 miles per day, five days per week. 

She plans to continue to grow her career within Strittmatter Wealth while raising her children with her high school sweet heart, Evan.