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At Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, we believe in freedom. Freedom to enjoy life. Our core purpose is to help our clients achieve this freedom by providing them with options and strategies suited to their financial goals and objectives.




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Our financial advisors are equipped with the most comprehensive planning software in order to assist you with your planning needs. We offer financial review and comprehensive planning that may include some or all of the following, depending on the complexity of each individual plan: cash flow / budget planning, net worth, investment planning, asset allocation, goal tracking, debt planning, pre- and post-retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, employee benefit review, and protection planning.


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We assist clients of all ages to take control of their future and calculate the necessary methods and solutions that allow retirement goals to be worked towards. Individualized plans and techniques are clearly defined and implemented immediately upon the approval of our clients.


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We will guide you through the complex and sometimes volatile world of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in order to work toward a balance between desired goal achievement and your tolerance for risk.


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We want our clients to be prepared for any unforeseeable curveballs that life may possibly throw. We construct a well-structured and properly funded insurance plan with the goal of protecting protecting the assets you have spent a lifetime acquiring.

Tax Strategies

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Nearly all aspects of financial planning have tax ramifications. Our team of financial planners will help correlate your goals with the most tax-efficient strategies. We pride ourselves on keeping current with the constantly changing tax laws, allowing us to make an educated decision and change your strategy as we see fit.


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We will work with your existing tax and legal professionals or can recommend someone to you to ensure that you have a comprehensive estate plan in place. A comprehensive estate plan should include:

  • Wills

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Living Wills or Medical Powers of Attorney

  • Trusts (in some cases)

We will help you establish a comprehensive estate plan, with the goal of providing the maximum benefit and protecting those you care about most.

Business Planning

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Our team works with new business owners and long standing successful business owners alike to ensure development of a strategy that allows for efficiency and financial confidence. We also assist with planning necessary for business owners to seamlessly pass on their achievements to their children, partners or new business owners. Our services include buy sell agreements, business overhead insurance, executive benefits, business growth strategies, business continuation, and business retirement planning.


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By creating a trust, you are taking an important step in managing your wealth and maximizing the value of your estate. Selecting a trustee or successor trustee is a decision that will determine how well your trust functions for you and your beneficiaries over the years.

Your trust is like a business organization. It holds assets, pursues clear, stated goals, and is charged with significant legal and administrative responsibilities. The trustee serves as CEO and should offer the same qualities you would seek in an executive to run a business. Among these are integrity, competence, experience, commitment, objectivity and the ability and willingness to serve. The type of trust you establish, as well as the cost of operating your trust should be a consideration when selecting a trustee.

Educational Seminars & Workshops

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In order to help people better understand their finances, Strittmatter Wealth offers workshops and seminars on a regular basis. We empower clients by educating you on the financial planning process and the various strategies and forms of implementation. By doing so, clients not only understand their plan, you understand the reasoning behind it and as a result are able to make better-informed decisions now and in the future.

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