Celebrating the Father of SWMG

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In June we celebrate a holiday that has become tradition to most households, Father’s Day.  This gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the fatherhood of our accomplished CEO, Josh Strittmatter.  Josh is a father in many ways; a father to 3 beautiful girls, a father to a well-respected wealth management firm, and a father to an entirely new Strittmatter legacy.

Josh deserves many pats on the back during this holiday to honor him and many men like him.  Josh and his amazing wife Jamie are wonderful parents and their parenting practices are shining in their 3 daughters.  Every day Josh makes a diligent effort to be involved in his daughter’s lives and to instill in them the work ethic that has carried him so far.  Josh’s dedication to fathering is highlighted in his daughter’s achievements and speak for themselves.

Sara, the oldest of Josh’s daughters will be a Junior at Weatherford High School in the Fall of 2019 where she is an accomplished Honor Roll student.  She is currently in top band Wind Symphony and has been chosen for section leadership.  Sara will be beginning dual college courses in the fall in preparation for her secondary education plans after high school.  Over the summer Sara plans on participating in church camp and marching in the Rodeo parade.

Holly, the second oldest of Josh’s daughters will be a Freshman at Weatherford High School in the Fall of 2019.  Holly has maintained Honor Roll through middle school. She has successfully made the high school dance team and high school marching band.  Holly enjoys spending her summers at multiple camps, including church camp and sports camps.

Julia, is the youngest of Josh’s daughters and will be in the 6th grade this Fall 2019 and has maintained Honor Roll.  JJ is trying out for a competition dance team this summer with hopes of being a part of the highly competitive program next year.  JJ will also be spending her summer at multiple church camps and sports camps.

All while raising accomplished young women, Josh has worked hard for 13 years to also father a company and a legacy that boasts everything he believes in.  He also believes in the standard “Golden Rule” that has almost become a thing of the past.  This “Golden Rule” way of thinking is a simple philosophy and proves to be what makes colleagues, employees, and clients of Strittmatter Wealth Management Group so fiercely loyal.  Josh continues to father everyone he is in contact with in matters of ethical business practices, perseverance and hard work, and lastly his unbiased financial advice.  These are all things a father in essence should strive to teach, instill, and even practice himself.  This is what makes Josh a great father figure and on this great holiday we wish to give him a big pat on the back and recognition for all he continues to do for his family at home, his family at the office, and all of the Strittmatter Wealth Management family.