Strittmatter Wealth Management Group Fort Worth Texas Business Development Marketing Manager Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox


Jess comes to us from New Mexico where she graduated from University of New Mexico with a degree in Communications. She has lived in and enjoyed Texas since moving here in 2012. Jess joined the Strittmatter Wealth team in 2013. She has assisted in a branding movement of the company that provides a culture of financial education, excellent client service, and an agenda of philanthropic and community services.

Her passion is hunting, fishing, kayaking and participating in a number of other adventures with her family. Jess also takes great joy in many forms of fitness, such as crossfit, running, yoga and spinning. She regularly participates in charitable and community events that push agendas of sorts and benefit many.

Jess believes monetary giving as well as the dedication of time to charitable and non-profit entities should be a large part of her life and makes it her mission to participate personally and professionally.

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