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Show notes

Josh Strittmatter is the owner of Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, LLC. a Registered Investment Advisor located in downtown Fort Worth, TX. Josh Strittmatter is a Certified Financial Planner practicing for 16 years in DFW. His firm specializes in Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Investment Management. All information discussed in today's program is meant to be educational only. For more information including key disclosures, please visit their website www.strittmatterwealth.com.


1. Bob in Fort Worth asks: What is the value of working with a financial advisor and how does it work?

2. John in Arlington asks: What is your opinion of investing into Real Estate Investment Trusts?

3. Gina in Weatherford asks: I have a living revocable Trust, can I move my investment accounts into it?

4. Lynn in Fort Worth asks: I work out at Lockheed and I have a pension that will start to pay me when I retire. I keep hearing about pension maximization?

5. Mark in Keller asks: I am looking at retiring at the age of 60. What do you recommend for people who retire before Medicare age to do for health insurance?

6. Dana in Aledo asks: My mother has long term care insurance and I am thinking about getting it for myself, what is the best long term care insurance to look at?

7. Bill in Bedford asks: I have a variable annuity and I have heard these are not good because of the fees. Is there anything I can do with this money to get it out of the variable annuity?

8. Mary in Pantego asks: I want to retire in 5 years, what should I be thinking about?

9. Sam in Garland asks: I have a grandchild that I want to help out with college. Where is the best place to save for college?


You have listening to Josh Strittmatter, owner of Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, located in downtown Fort Worth. Josh is a Certified Financial Planner and acts as a Fiduciary for clients for financial planning and investment management. If you would like to ask him questions directly, you can email him at info@strittmatterwealth.com. You can call him at 817-210-3444.


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