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Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, LLC.’s president and CEO, Josh W. Strittmatter CFP®, CRC®, was featured on 1190 KXYR iHeart Radio "Ask the Experts" as a guest speaker covering many topics such as retirement planning, social security benefits, and market volatility. Listen to find out what one of the industry’s most dynamic and respected financial advisors has to say.


Listen to the audio track to receive the answers to the following questions:

Let’s begin today with a couple questions about sources of retirement income. As you know, there’s a lot of information and opinions circulating about Social Security and its solvency. Should retirees be worried about their benefits?


I’ve heard a number of advisors recommending that retirees should delay their Social Security benefits. I know you teach a lot of financial classes at local colleges in the metroplex area for retirees. What advice do you give folks about how and when they should collect their benefits?


There’s another worry that I hear from retirees and their retirement income. Private company pensions are almost extinct. What are you advising your clients to do in order to make up for that lost income?


I’m glad you mentioned 401k rollovers because I do have a couple questions on this subject. When is the right time to rollover a 401k?


What’s the best way for listeners to learn about their rollover options?


Are there taxes or expenses involved with a rollover?


What options do folks have who are not eligible for a rollover and would like access to better investment options?


What are the best options for retirees who want to use their 401k, IRA or any retirement savings for that matter, for the purpose of income?


We talked about annuities during our last show and some of today’s listeners may have missed that conversation. Can you shed some light on the types of annuities that work best for retirees who are looking for safety and income?


When people here about the upside potential in an indexed annuity with no losses, the knee-jerk reaction is to think this is too good to be true. How do you respond to that?


Speaking of the market. Is now the right time for folks to be pulling out of the market?


Most people think of income when they think of annuities. What are the options for taking withdrawals from an annuity?


Are all income riders the same? What differences should retirees be aware of?


So what about our listeners who don’t need the annuity for income. Are there other purposes for having an annuity?


What is the best way for our listeners to learn about their options for getting their retirement savings in a safer place and preparing for retirement income?



In your extensive experience working with retirees in Dallas and Fort Worth, what do you see are the most common areas of concern?